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Spicy Caballero Seasonings, LLC. is a family owned and operated company with headquarters in Fate, Texas. We take great pride in the process of hand selecting top quality ingredients, and blending them into unique and savory seasonings that can be used every day in the kitchen, backyard grill, and competitive BBQ, or by culinary experts in their restaurant kitchens.

Our mission in cooking should be to create flavorful dishes, not by imposing desired flavors, but rather by highlighting or enhancing the natural flavors of the ingredients were working with by finding that fine balance of savory, sweet, spicy and acidic which enhances the overall eating experience“.

The Journey

My name is Edgardo Rodriguez “Big Ed”, owner of Spicy Caballero Seasonings, LLC., and my personal culinary journey began in 1988 at age 9. Now, according to my mother, as soon as I started walking, she couldn’t keep me away from the kitchen counter while she was cooking. 

Over 10 years later, a co-worker, who was attending culinary school, introduced me to BBQ grilling. Intrigued, I immediately purchased a small gas grill and made my first attempt at firing up the grill with steaks. That is when I learned one of the most valuable lessons in cooking – I was told that the meat was over-seasoned and that the marinade was too strong. The one distinct criticism I will always remember was: “One must let the meat flavor itself.” At that time, I truly didn’t know what it meant, but I understood the concept. Till this day, those words still ring in my mind every time I’m in the kitchen creating, cooking, or blending spices.

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