Opening day of the 2022 Rockwall Farmers Market season in historic Downtown Rockwall, TX is right around the corner, and there, for the 5th straight season, among one of the best vendor lineups in all of DFW, you’ll be able to find Big Ed and the Spicy Caballero Seasonings flavor train.

The Rockwall Farmers Market is where Spicy Caballero’s journey started in May of 2018 with a humble setup and a small lineup of five blends which included our now award wining Magic Dust Original, Magic Dust Sweet, and all three of our Cluck You Dust blends. Not only was this Spicy Caballero’s first event, but also our first time stepping out from behind the social media curtain, and what a blast it was. Seeing lots of folks tasting our creations for the first time and giving us lots of positive feedback was truly amazing. By the end of the season, word about our products had began to spread around town, and we were starting to see new clients coming to see us by word of mouth. Building a following within our local community was a priority from day one and taking part in the Rockwall Farmers Market has been integral in doing so. This year will be our 5th consecutive year as Rockwall Farmers Market vendors, and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

This year (2022) you can find us at the Rockwall Farmers Market every other Saturday from 8 to 12 on the following dates:

  • May 7 – (Market runs until 2:00 PM on this day only)
  • May 14th
  • May 28
  • June 11
  • June 25
  • July 9
  • July 23
  • August 6
  • August 20
  • September 3
  • September 17
  • September 24

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