Spicy Borikua

Spicy Borikua


This award-winning blend is inspired by the latin flavors of Puerto Rico with a twist of spiciness that our island ancestors enjoyed. . Whether you’re using Spicy Borikua in the kitchen, smoker, or grill, or just using it as a finishing spice, this low sodium, no sugar added All-Purpose seasoning blend will enhance any ingredient with the right flavorful kick of heat and keep you craving for more.

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Just like its mild counterpart, Spicy Borikua is inspired by the flavors of Puerto Rico, but in this case, we reached back into our Taino and African heritage for a touch of that spiciness we know our ancestors enjoyed. African Bird’s Eye, A.K.A. Peri Peri peppers, give this flavorful, award winning blend a perfect balance of flavor and medium level heat.

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