Texas Creeper

Texas Creeper


Texas Creeper has the perfect balance of bold flavor and high heat that slowly creeps up on you. The Texas Creeper is a meticulously curated blend of some of the hottest peppers on the planet, including truly iconic chilies such as Smoking Ed’s Carolina Reaper, 7 Pot Douglah, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and Chocolate Ghost Pepper. It’s low in sodium and no sugar added.

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Created with chiliheads in mind, Texas Creeper brings the heat like very few do. Creeper can be used as a base seasoning (if you dare), as a finishing spice, added into marinades, sauces, and salsas or sprinkle on your favorite snacks or dishes for for a boost of flavor and heat. This fiery blend will leave you sniffling and sweating but craving for more. Texas Creeper is for seasoned heat lovers that crave some real heat.

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